Refresh an Insurance software and maintain it for 4 years

Agency / Insurance / SAAS

  • Client: Triplepoint Software Inc.
  • What we did: Django App development and maintenance
  • Site link:


Triplepoint Software makes insurance software for Insurance companies in the USA

Project Goals

  • Django App Developement
  • Maintenance
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery

Our Solution

We helped them build an improved version of an existing insurance system. We added several features, including a claim system. Most of the project was a maintenance, updates, and restructuring of the platform. Our involvement primarily focused on the backend, but we were also involved in the frontend refresh. This was a fairly long-term engagement. We started working together in September 2014, and our steady collaboration ran for at least two or three years. We had some intermittent projects together until December 2018.


We successfully completed one insurance project with them, maintained it for a long term (several years) and contributed to another insurance product to some extent.

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They were very persistent and did a good job. Their attention to detail was particularly strong among companies in their region, and they always tried to do things correctly. They're a solid development team. Make your requirements as clear as possible and be ready for good technical interactions.

Urijah Kaplan

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